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*Reaching enlightenment*

Got to draw one of my favorite Marvel characters for Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Redux! BETA RAY BILL! 

Its world art drop day! Deep in the bowels of this bookstore is a hidden painting of mine. If you can find it it’s yours!

Issue 3 of Bee & Puppycat came out this last wednesday that includes a short story written and drawn by me and lettered by Aubrey Aiese!! Theres a 5 page preview over on Comic Book Resources and it’s in stores RIGHT NOW! 


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Favorite type of fart. GO.
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Last month I wrote, drew and colored a short story for BEE & PUPPYCAT with BOOM Studios! It’s my first published comics work evaaaaa and I’m so thrilled it was for Bee & Puppycat which I am completely in love with! Today Comicsalliance put up a short preview of the story and you should TOTALLY GO CHECK IT OUT!

Sketches from Instagram the past week!

"Fort" - The first in an ongoing series called PLACES which will depict locations from video games, movies, TV shows, and comics that I have inhabited throughout my life and that have held deep meaning for me.

Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly beautiful game and holds alot of meaning for me.

Hey guys! Both of my Adventure Time covers that are in the Adventure Time/Steven Universe show at Nucleus are now for sale online! Check it out!


The Spectre by Tait Howard


We’re thrilled to be partners in the pop-up shop at Gallery Nucleus's Adventure Time & Steven Universe Exhibition this weekend! Amazing fan art, signings, musical performances, raffle prizes and MORE!

Come on down, LA, it’ll be a blast. All the details are here!

Heyy wouldja look at that! Remember to go check out the show this saturday, opening is at 7!