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The Outlaws - 16 pairs of custom shoes commissioned as christmas presents for the client’s family. Each pair is one of a kind and was hand painted on Vans black slip-ons. 

Re-upping these shoes I did last December. Still wicked proud of these.

If Ness isn’t in the new Smash Bros I’m gonna seriously flip out.

Hello! Do you sell some of your artworks as prints? I really love your Nausicaa fanart and if it's possible I'd love to have it as a print so I can hang it in my new office! Thank you and have a good day! Andie aka jikanet-tanaka
comicbooktakeover comicbooktakeover Said:

Hey there, sorry I didn’t reply sooner! YES I absolutely do sell my stuff as prints. I’m working on getting a store up and running but I am about to move in a couple of weeks and it wont be up until after I get settled in mid-april. HOWEVER I would be more than happy to make some one-off prints of any piece anyone is interested in during the interim! Please feel free to email me at and let me know what pieces you want prints of to discuss pricing, etc. Thanks so much for your interest!



A panel from Tait Howard’s section of Spera: Be Brave

Made this awhile ago and forgot about it.

Happy Valentines Day y’all <3

Nausicaa! My half of an art trade with the incredibly talented Paulina Ganucheau


The Evolution Series is the most efficient locomotive GE has produced to date. If every train on the tracks were powered by an Evolution Series, the annual reduction of smog-producing pollutants would be like taking 48 million cars off the road. 

My 3rd piece for GE! Illustrating trains and other big machines is ridiculously satisfying—- Thanks to Ysabel and Group SJR!

Here’s some wordless versions of my Spera - Be Brave pages. I was relatively inexperienced with watercolor when I started these pages and it was a trial by fire for the few months that I worked on them. I learned an insane amount about painting and im incredibly proud of these, but oh man was it an intense experience. You can read the full version featuring Jared Morgan's beautiful accompanying art, Nolan T Jones' writing, and Kevin Panetta's lettering over at - A billion thanks to Josh Tierney for letting us explore his universe.

OH MAN. GUYS. You can FINALLY read this short Spera story I did with Jared Morgan - Nolan T. Jones and Kevin Panetta. I finished my pages a year ago and since then there have been so many drop-outs, setbacks and roadblocks that I can’t believe this is actually finished. I am SO proud of this piece and would love to know what you guys think! The pages jump between Jared’s art and mine, and you can read it all —HERE—

SUPER EXCITING NEWS. My friend Evan Captain and I have been collaborating for the past few months on an album, he created the music and I did the artwork. It’s a concept album that tells the story of a skeleton boy and his journey through the 4 seasons. Today we’re releasing the second season as a sneak preview. Click through to listen to SPRING. 


One of my favorite games of all time.

Watercolor & Gouache 

A pickguard for one of my dad’s guitar’s for his birthday, featuring some goofy little swamp creatures! Happy B-day pops!