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I’ve been making dumb flipbooks during my downtime at work and posting them on my Instagram! Here is one such stupid flipbook, in gif form.

I’ve been making dumb flipbooks during my downtime at work and posting them on my Instagram! Here is one such stupid flipbook, in gif form.

Hey gang! My second Adventure Time cover was just announced! It’ll be the B cover for issue 32 out in september! Wooooo!

Neon Witch Queen


(But really where’s Ness at…)

This is a lil old, but appropriate. My second favorite slasher franchise/holiday after Halloween. Happy Friday the 13th!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
When is Crankenstein going to be a thing? I got a half chub when you pitched me the idea
comicbooktakeover comicbooktakeover Said:

Hahaha man I was just thinking about that today! I’m already working on 3 other big comic projects right now but maybe I’ll just add this one on there too…..

Hey gang! It’s Friday XIII so it’s time for another edition of GET TO KNOW TAIT! While I’ve got you here, reading this sentence, did you know that I’m on Instagram? It’s true! I usually only post finished work on tumblr but MY INSTAGRAM is chock full of tasty process work, sketches, and occasional pictures of dogs I see on the street! I’m also on Twitter! I talk alot of nonsense, bother my favorite artists, and occasionally say something mildly interesting! Twitter! Or, if you hate all forms of social media but you’re still on tumblr for some reason, I’m always down to talk about movies, comics, art, dogs, or whatever else you feel like! Ask me literally anything any time! XOXOXO

Say what you want but Zelda with lasers looks wicked cool.

Cap & Nightcrawler shoes I painted for a cool pal’s birthday.

Hey Tait! Cool stuff! Just wondering, what did you use for the overall texture of the GE illustrations you did? Thanks in advance!
comicbooktakeover comicbooktakeover Said:

Hey there! It was a little complicated and took some experimentation but heres the basic gist- I use two different layers that are overlaid on top of the whole piece, both are textures I made using charcoal on top of watercolor paper. I got the effect by messing with different layer styles and properties and opacities, in this case a color burn layer at 79% laid on top of a soft light layer at 19% - doing it this way meant i had to lighten the colors on the actual piece a lot and theres probably an easier way to do this, but experiment and see what works for you!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey Tait, i love the artwork you did for Alex on his YouTube channel: Joule Thief.If you were to do something similar but with a diff theme. How much would that cost? Thanks. jon
comicbooktakeover comicbooktakeover Said:

Hey! Thanks so much for your interest! It would depend on the subject and complexity but I’d be happy to discuss it further, shoot me an email at with some details and we can talk some more!

Hey gang! Here’s a cover I painted for ADVENTURE TIME! for BOOM! Studios! It was a Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo exclusive cover and unfortunately I have no idea what issue it’s for. If you snagged one at CCEE tell me!! 


The Outlaws - 16 pairs of custom shoes commissioned as christmas presents for the client’s family. Each pair is one of a kind and was hand painted on Vans black slip-ons. 

Re-upping these shoes I did last December. Still wicked proud of these.